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Justice, power, and restorative solutions.

Source: (2013) Restorative Justice: An International Journal. 1(1):52-54.My thanks to Nils for his challenge to use all: it is important to continually rethink the basic issues we are advocating and the effectiveness of our ways of framing the deb... READ MORE

Restorative justice in New Zealand for young people who offend.

Source: (2010) Reflexions past, present and future. Restorative Justice Week 2010. Correctional Services of Canada.New Zealand (NZ) was the first country in the world to introduce a restorative justice approach to offenders. The changes reflected ... READ MORE

Restorative Justice Developments in the Pacific Region.

Source: (2006) Contemporary Justice Review. 9(2).Restorative justice has grown in popularity around the world, and various restorative initiatives are in place ore are being trialled. New Zealand and Australia have the most experience with resto... READ MORE

Youth Justice in New Zealand: Restorative Justice in Practice?

Source: (2006) Journal of Social Issues. 62(2):239-258.The Children, YoungPersons, and TheirFamilies Act 1989 put in place newobjects, principles, and procedures for youth justice in New Zealand. Both the philosophy underpinning this system and ... READ MORE

Can a Restorative Approach Heal and Restore?

Source: (2007) In Gabrielle Maxwell and James H. Liu, ed., Restorative Justice and Practices in New Zealand: Towards a Restorative Society. Wellington, NZ: Institute of Policy Studies, Pp. 305-309."The rising imprisonment rates, the continual incr... READ MORE