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Youth Justice in New Zealand: Restorative Justice in Practice?

Source: (2006) Journal of Social Issues. 62(2):239-258.The Children, YoungPersons, and TheirFamilies Act 1989 put in place newobjects, principles, and procedures for youth justice in New Zealand. Both the philosophy underpinning this system and ... READ MORE

Reforming criminal justice: the potential of restorative justice.

Source: (2004) Paper prepared for Seminar March 2004 in Brasilia.Over the last 15 years or so, penal practices have been characterized by two contrasting, and contradictory, trends. On the one hand, most jurisdictions continue to rely on the use o... READ MORE

Meeting Human Needs: The Potential of Restorative Justice

Source: (2006) In Anthony J. W. Taylor, ed., Justice as a Basic Human Need. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Pp. 71-84."The conventional criminal justice system can be criticized for its failure to respond to offending in ways that meet hum... READ MORE

Conferencing and Restorative Justice

Source: (2006) In, Dennis Sullivan and Larry Tifft editors, "Handbook of Restorative Justice" A Global Perspective. London and New York: Routledge. Taylor & Francis Group pp.91-104Family group conferences in the New Zealand youth justice system ha... READ MORE

Criticando os Críticos Uma breve resposta aos críticos da Justiça Restaurativa.

Source: (2005) In, Slakmon, C., R. De Vitto, e R. Gomes Pinto, org., 2005. Justiça Restaurativa (Brasília – DF: Ministério da Justiça e Programa das Nações Unidas para o Desenvolvimento - PNUD). pp.439-472.Além disso, este artigo tambÃ... READ MORE

Perspectives néo-zélandaises sur la justice des mineurs au Canada

Source: (1999) Criminologie. 32(1): 37-54. Downloaded 24 January 2005.Le gouvernement canadien a présenté des propositions de changement de la justice des mineurs qui mettent l'accent sur la prévention de la délinquance des jeunes ; sur la dé... READ MORE

Youth Justice in New Zealand

Source: (2004) Crime and Justice. 31: 243-292.The Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989 incorporated family group conferences into New Zealand's youth justice system. Though not premised on restorative justice ideas, New Zealand's sy... READ MORE

What is the Place of Shame in Restorative Justice?

Source: (2004) In, Howard Zehr and Barb Toews, eds., Critical Issues in Restorative Justice. Monsey, New York and Cullompton, Devon, UK: Criminal Justice Press and Willan Publishing. Pp. 133-141.As Gabrielle Maxwell and Allison Morris observe, Jo... READ MORE