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Christian critiques of the penal system.

Source: (2012) Christian Reflection. Prison. pp. 84-88.As public policies exclude more and more people from community life through incarceration, it is often asked, “Does the criminal justice system work?” The four books reviewed here propo... READ MORE

Real People, Real Stories: Victims Face Fear and Find Healing in Prison.

Source: (2007) Restorative Justice Online. October 2007 Edition.The Sycamore Tree Project® (STP) brings indirect victims and offenders together for a series of in-prison meetings to discuss crime and its impact. Recently, the Australian Broadcast... READ MORE

Video Review: Repairing the Harm: Restorative Justice.

Source: (2007) Restorative Justice Online. October 2007 Edition.Repairing the Harm is a 30-minute documentary discussing restorative justice concepts and uses in various settings. READ MORE

Creating Alternatives for Young Offenders in Toronto.

Source: (2007) Restorative Justice Online. November 2007 Edition.An innovative diversion programme offers young offenders in the Greater Toronto area an opportunity to clear their records and contribute to the community. Called PACT (for participa... READ MORE

Book Review: The Pocket Guide to Restorative Justice.

Source: (2008) Restorative Justice Online. November 2008 Edition.Restorative practice involves working with people during difficult times in their lives. At times, issues can take facilitators and others by surprise as the process develops. The Po... READ MORE

Book Review: Justice as a Basic Human Need.

Source: (2007) Restorative Justice Online. December 2007 Edition.This compilation of interdisciplinary essays discusses the concept of “justice” as a basic need in terms of Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation. READ MORE