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The restorative impulse.

Source: (2012) Tikkun. Winter:33-34.An important shift in worldview that could move us toward daily use of the restorative impulse is the shift from seeing the parts of the universe as distinctly separate to the understanding that we are profou... READ MORE

Science cannot fix this: the limitations of evidence-based practice.

Source: (2012) Contemporary Justice Review. 15(3):265-275.The use of evidence-based practice as a guide for correctional investment is widely lauded as a positive shift away from punitive approaches to criminal justice. The value-neutral languag... READ MORE

Reflecting on the relationship of the community and restorative justice.

Source: (2010) Reflexions past, present and future. Restorative Justice Week 2010. Correctional Services of Canada.Bit by bit, over the past two decades, RJ has integrated an understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of the community relations... READ MORE

Doing Democracy With Circles

Source: (-0001) St. Paul: Living Justice PressIn this book, we explore the potentials for using Circles to solve the multifaceted and often intensely emotional problems that public planers face on a regular basis. We have written this book specif... READ MORE

Conferencing and the community

Source: (1998) St. Paul: Minnesota Department of Corrections.Relationships are the threads of community. The interweaving of relationships is the fabric of the community. Mutual responsibility is the loom on which the fabric of community is woven.... READ MORE

Promising practices in community justice: restorative justice

Source: (1998) Minnesota Department of Corrections.This article begins with a brief overview of what the concept and goals of restorative justice entail. It continues with a summary of the types of programs that have evolved and their connection w... READ MORE

Making it happen: restorative justice in Minnesota

Source: (1998) Family Futures, vol. 2, issue 3. 28-33.In Minnesota and elsewhere, advocates of restorative justice - a new way of thinking about crime and punishment - are embracing more creative, effective measures to reduce juvenile crime and de... READ MORE