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Struggles in Peacetime. Working with ex-combatants in Mozambique: their work, their frustrations and successes.

Source: (2006) Amsterdam: Netherlands institute for Southern Africa in co-operation with the CSVR (South Africa) and ProPaz (Mozambique).Form an image when you hear any of these words: "ex-combatant”, “war veteran”, “former combatant”, ... READ MORE

Reparations in Southern Africa

Source: (2004) In Cahiers d'études africaines, 44(1-2). South Africa: Centre for Study of Violence and Reconciliation. Downloaded 3 February 2005.This one is among the first comparative studies of reparation in the light of transitional justice i... READ MORE

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Community Reconciliation: An Analysis of Competing Strategies and Conceptualizations

Source: (1999) PhD dissertation, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University. Fairfax, Virginia. Downloaded 17 May 2004.The central thesis of this dissertation is that reconciliation is a process that is subject to comp... READ MORE

What is this thing called reconciliation?

Source: (1998) Paper presented at the After Truth and Reconciliation Commission forum, at the Goedgedacht Farm, Cape Town, 28 March. Downloaded 2 June 2004.As Hamber and van der Merwe observe, the question is regularly asked in South Africa whethe... READ MORE