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Canada's contribution to the restorative justice movement.

Source: (2010) Reflexions past, present and future. Restorative Justice Week 2010. Correctional Services of Canada.It is impossible to speak about RJ without including many of Canada's extraordinary contributions. Although the principals did not k... READ MORE

RJ City: Phase 1. Final Report.

Source: (2006) Washington, DC: Prison Fellowship InternationalThis is the Final Report of Phase One of the RJ City Project. The Project is a research and design effort to explore what seems to be a gap between the claims that restorative justice... READ MORE

An introduction to restorative peacebuilding.

Source: (2007) Briefing Paper #1. Restorative Peacebuilding Project. New York: Working Party of Resotrative Justice. Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.The work of peacebuilding in postconflict societies presents significan... READ MORE

The Bougainville Project of PEACE Foundation Melanesia.

Source: (2007) Restorative Justice Online. August 2007 Edition.Founded in 1995, PEACE Foundation Melanesia is a grassroots organization working on peacemaking in Papua New Guinea. Much of its early work focused on Bougainville training village lea... READ MORE

Restorative Justice : Forgiveness and Terrorism.

Source: (2001) Washington, DC: Prison Fellowship International.As my airplane traveled toward Prison Fellowship's International Council Meeting in South Africa, I was struggling with what bearing witness to the truth meant for me. It was Septembe... READ MORE

Movie Review: TAKE.

Source: (2008) Restorative Justice Online. July 2008 Edition.TAKE is a full-length feature film being released July18 in New York and rolled out into other US cities and London through September. It stars Minnie Driver (Ana) and Jeremy Renner (Sau... READ MORE

Figs Out of Season.

Source: (2001) Washington, DC: Prison Fellowship InternationalIn this devotional talk, Dan Van Ness reflects on restorative justice, Biblical Justice and the events of September 11, 2001. READ MORE

In-Prison Victim Offender Dialogue in the US.

Source: (2008) Restorative Justice Online. September 2008 Edition.Victim Offender Dialogue programmes in prisons provide an opportunity for victims and victim survivors to meet with their offenders to discuss the crime and issues surrounding it. READ MORE