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Defining restorative.

Source: (2012) Paper presented at Building a Worldwide Restorative Practices Learning Network. The 15th IIRP World Conference. Bethlehem, PA, 1-3 August 2012.The IIRP distinguishes between the terms restorative practices and restorative justice.... READ MORE

Family power: Engaging and collaborating with families.

Source: (2012) Bethlehem, PA: International Institute of Restorative Practices.Family Power offers practical guidance for engaging and collaborating with families, illustrated by anecdotes gathered from professionals in a range of settings around ... READ MORE

Safer Saner Schools:Restorative Practices in Schools in Education.

Source: (2009) Bethelhem, PA: International Institute of Restorative PracticesProactively, restorative practices improves relationships and communication among students, parents, teachers and administrators. When wrongdoing occurs, instead of simp... READ MORE

Restorative Conferencing for Serious Offenses: An Exploration.

Source: (2006) Restorative Practices E-Forum. December 5, 2006.This article is adapted from a keynote speech by IIRP president Ted Wachtel, at the International Conference on Serious Violence and Restorative Justice, Bar Ilan University, Ramat-Gan... READ MORE

The Next Step: Developing Restorative Communities.

Source: (2005) Paper presented at "The Next Step: Building Restorative Communities", IIRP 7th International Conference on Conferencing, Circles and other Restorative Practices, 9-11 November, Manchester, England, UK. Downloaded 9 December 2005.Ted... READ MORE