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Family violence, fathers, and restoring personhood.

Source: (2013) Restorative Justice 1(2):268-289.Restorative justice holds those who abuse as morally responsible and, thus, capable of acknowledging wrongdoing, changing how they relate to others, and rebuilding their sense of personhood. Applying... READ MORE

Should We Invite Her And His Side Of The Family To The FGC?

Source: (2003) Together. The Family Group Conference Network Newsletter. Summer 2004:8-9.I believe that concerns can be resolved and peaceful solutions found by bringing together a larger group in which participants listen closely, respect diversi... READ MORE

Manuel des coordinateurs et des communautés: Prise de décisions en conseil de famille : organisation et pratique.

Source: (1995) Saint John’s, Newfoundland, Canada: Memorial University of Newfoundland, School of Social Work, Family Group Decision Making Project.Ce manuel est destiné aux groupes communautaires et aux organismes gouvernementaux désireux d'i... READ MORE

Bringing Families to the Table: A Comparative Guide to Family Meetings in Child Welfare

Source: (2002) Washington, DC: Center for the Study of Social Policy, Center for Community Partnerships in Child Welfare. Downloaded 9 December 2004.As the authors of this paper remark, the practice of including families in the decision-making pr... READ MORE

Should His and Her Sides of the Family be Invited to the FGC?

Source: (2004) American Humane FGDM Issues in Brief. Downloaded 7 December 2004.A principle of restorative justice is that, as far as possible, the conflict or harm that exists between people should be resolved or repaired, often through direct in... READ MORE