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Victim-Centered Restorative Justice: An Essential Distinction

Source: (2005) The Crime Victims Report. 9(4): 49,50,62.It is a profound irony that restorative justice (RJ), an approach designed to support deeper understanding among members of our society, remains a polarizing and volatile issue between certai... READ MORE

Readings in Restorative Justice

Source: (1999) Marion, OH: Hope Magazine. Fall.This special publication of Hope Magazine contains articles and other resources on restorative justice. One article(“Real Justiceâ€?) characterizes restorative justice as real justice; it descr... READ MORE

Real Justice.

Source: (1999) Hope magazine. Fall, 1999Wilson, publisher and editor of Hope magazine, illustrates and explains mediation and the process of restorative justice. He identifies which crimes can be addressed through mediation and which aren’t su... READ MORE