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Restorative justice conferencing (RJC) using face-to-face meetings of offenders and victims: Effects on offender recidivism and victim satisfaction. A systematic review.

Source: (2013) Campbell Systematic Reviews 2013:12. DOI: 10.4073/csr.2013.12.This systematic review examines the effects of the subset of restorative justice programs that has been tested most extensively: a face-to-face Restorative Justice Confer... READ MORE

Effects of face-to-face restorative justice on victims of crime in four randomized, controlled trials.

Source: (2005) Journal of Experimental Criminology. 1: 367–395.The growing use of restorative justice provides a major opportunity for experimental criminology and evidence-based policy. Face-to-face meetings led by police officers between crime... READ MORE

Restorative Justice: What we know and how we know it

Source: (2004) Working Paper # 1, With Powerpoints. Jerry Lee Program on Randomized Controlled Trials In Restorative Justice. University of Pennsylvania, Lee Center of Criminology; and Australian National University, Centre for Restorative Justice... READ MORE

Recidivism Patterns in the Canberra Reintegrative Shaming Experiments (RISE)

Source: (2000) Centre for Restorative Justice. Research School of Social Sciences. Australian National University.In this intermediate report on the data collected by the Canbera Reintegrative Shaming Experiment, the researchers discuss the recidi... READ MORE