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Retributive justice, restorative justice, and forgiveness: An experimental psychophysiology analysis

Source: (2007) Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 44 Pp. 10-25This experiment assessed the emotional self-reports and physiology of justice outcomes and forgiveness responses to a common crime, using a three Justice (retributive, restorativ... READ MORE

Forgiveness and Justice: A Research Agenda for Social and Personality Psychology

Source: (2003) Personality and Social Psychology Review. 7(4): 337–348.Forgiveness and related constructs (e.g., repentance, mercy, reconciliation) are ripe for study by social and personality psychologists, including those interested in justice... READ MORE

Is There a Place for Forgiveness in the Justice System?

Source: (2000) Fordham Urban Law Journal. 27: 1721.As Everett Worthington comments, transgressions unbalance the scales of justice – socially, emotionally, and sometimes politically. To be unforgiving in response to transgressions can be cons... READ MORE