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Restorative Justice: The Gap Between Vision and Practice

Source: (2005) VOMA Connections. Fall(21):3, 4, 13.Meanwhile, as I continue to read, listen, talk, and write about restorative justice, and to advocate for it, it has been striking to me that in the literature and practice of restorative justice, ... READ MORE

Restorative Justice - A Better Way

Source: (1999) Response June 1999.In this article, Wray summarizes a restorative justice approach. Crime is understood primarily as the violation of one person by another. The real victim, the offender, and the local community are all involved in ... READ MORE

What Is Restorative Justice?

Source: (1999) New World Outlook 59 (6),A wide-ranging movement called restorative justice is seeking to transform the systems that are in place to deal with interpersonal and intergroup conflict. Restorative justice is rooted in older traditions ... READ MORE