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Penal Scandal in New Zealand

Source: (2008) In Arie Freiberg and Karen Gelb, Eds., Penal Populism, Sentencing Councils and Sentencing Policy. Cullompton, Devon UK: Willan Publishing. Pp. 31-44This chapter intends to address three aspects of these developments. First, what is ... READ MORE

"Towards the 'Decivilizing' of Punishment?"

Source: (1998) Social & Legal Studies. 7(4): 487-515This article examines the cultural significance of some new ’signs and symbols’ of punishment that are to be found taking place (albeit in uneven measure) across English-based jurisdictions... READ MORE

Penal Populism in New Zealand

Source: (2004) Wellington, New Zealand: Institute of Criminology, Victoria University of Wellington. Downloaded 2 February 2005.This paper examines the growth, influence and limits of penal populism in New Zealand. In this country it argues that t... READ MORE