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"What will happen to me?".

Source: (2011) Good Books, Intercourse, PA.Every night, approximately three million children go to bed with a parent in prison or jail. Here are their thoughts and stories. READ MORE

Restorative Justice? What's That?

Source: (2009) Plenary presentation at the 12th World Conference of the International Institute for Restorative Practices. Bethlehem, PA.21-23 October 2009.Do a Google search for the phrase “restorative justice” and you will get over a millio... READ MORE

Values and Principles in the Practice of Restorative Justice.

Source: (2006) Paper presented at Introduction of restorative justice in Ukraine: Results & Perspectives International Conference, Kiev, April 2006.Restorative justice has come a long way since the first experiments with victim-offender encounters... READ MORE

The ideas of engagement and empowerment

Source: (2007) in, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness, eds., Handbook of Restorative Justice. Cullompton, Devon: Willan Publishing. pp. 41-58"In recent years, restorative justice has found applications in many arenas including schools, the wo... READ MORE

Why Can't We Just Apologize?

Source: (2007) The Crime Victims Report. 11(3):38."Even before the Amish community's response to the murders at the Nickel Mines, PA, school, the concept of forgiveness had been getting a great deal of attention in academic and popular venues. But... READ MORE

The little book of family group conferences: New Zealand style.

Source: (2004) Intercourse, PA: Good Books.Family group conferencing is a decision-making process that began in New Zealand and has been used in a variety of forms around the world. In response to an overloaded juvenile justice system and concern... READ MORE