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"Victim releases offender from a $2,000.00 debt!"

Source: (2000) VORP News 18 (August/September): 1The author narrates the story of a juvenile offense and the continuing process of resolving it. A teenage girl and her friends stole an electrician’s van and damaged it and equipment in it. Upon a... READ MORE

"VORP-by the numbers, from 1983-1999."

Source: (2000) VORP News 18 (April): 1.Griffith summarizes the history and services of the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) in Fresno, California, a program that has been in effect for seventeen years. He sketches the kinds of service... READ MORE

Is ‘prison justice,’ justice?

Source: (2000) VORP News 18 (May): 1-2.Looking at criminal justice law and policy in California, the authors of this article question the justice of sending more people to prison for longer sentences. They contend that the situation in California ... READ MORE