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Ideological Production: The Making of Community Mediation

Source: (1988) Law and Society Review 22(4):709-735.This paper examines how community mediation is made, and how it is ideologically constituted. The ideology of community mediation is produced through an interplay among three ideological visions ... READ MORE

Crime and Accountability: Victim/Offender Mediation in Practice

Source: (1990) London, UK: Home Office, Her Majestyís Stationery Office, 271p.A report describes victim-offender mediation and reparation projects in the U.K. There are currently some 70 victim-offender reconciliation projects in North America, w... READ MORE

Myth and Practice in the Mediation Process

Source: (1989) In: M. Wright and B. Galaway (eds.), Mediation and Criminal Justice: Victims, Offenders and Community. London, UK: Sage Publications, pp. 239-250.In this chapter, the author raises some important caveats for the mediation movement, ... READ MORE

Defining 'Success' in the Neighbourhood Justice Movement

Source: (1982) in R. Tomasic and M.M. Feeley (eds.), Neighbourhood Justice: Assessment of an Emerging Idea. New York: Longman, pp. 172-192.This paper provides (1) an examination of the prototype of mediation and the social settings in which it occ... READ MORE