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Punishment and Democracy: The Role of Public Deliberation.

Source: (2007) Punishment and Society. 9(2): 151-175.Leading contemporary branches of punishment theory stemming from the traditional schools of consequentialism and retributivism support a role for public deliberation to secure core values commu... READ MORE

Professionals vs. Democracy: The Critique of Technocratic Expertise.

Source: (2003) Prepared for presentation at the Midwestern Political Science Association annual meetings, Chicago, April 3-6. Downloaded 2 November 2005.This paper is part of a research project on the political dimensions of professional practice.... READ MORE

Democratic Professionalism: Sharing Authority in Civic Life.

Source: (2004) The Good Society. 13(1): 6-14.This paper seeks to show how a number of professions have democratic responsibilities - to enable rather than disable citizen participation within their spheres of professional authority - that stem fro... READ MORE

The Value of Community Participation in Restorative Justice

Source: (2004) Journal of Social Philosophy. 35(1): 91–107.In the words of Albert Dzur and Susan Olson, restorative justice is a normative theory and reform movement oriented around bringing dialogue and reconciliation among victim, offender, an... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Civic Accountability for Punishment

Source: (2003) Polity. 36(1): 3-22.Restorative justice is a normative theory and a reform movement in criminal justice that raises pressing questions for democratic theory. This paper draws attention to the core, democratic, values of restorative ... READ MORE

Reconstructing Professional Roles in Restorative Justice Programs

Source: (2003) Utah Law Review. 2003(1): 57-89. University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law. Downloaded 13 October 2003.After a brief summary of restorative justice theory, Susan Olson and Albert Dzur ask whether there is any role for criminal ... READ MORE