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The Phenomenon of Restorative Justice: Some Introductory Remarks.

Source: (2008) Justice Reflections. Worldwide papers linking Christian ideas with matters of justice. Issue 19:JR138.This article offers an overview of the restorative justice movement as it presently exists. It addresses not only the key elements... READ MORE

"Handbook of Restorative Justice" A Global Perspective

Source: (2006) London & New York: Routledge. Taylord & Francis GroupThe essays in this book explore the various methods of responding nonviolently to harms done by persons, groups, global corporations, and nation-states, but also examine the dimen... READ MORE

Editor's Note

Source: (2004) Contemporary Justice Review 7(1): 1-12.In this seventh birthday issue of Contemporary Justice Review, the editor reflects on the beginnings of the journal and its development to the present as a forum for 'mutual criticism' in the f... READ MORE