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Trust and the Problem of National Reconciliation

Source: (2002) Philosophy of the Social Sciences. 32(2): 178-205.The authors propose a conception of national reconciliation based on the building or rebuilding of trust between parties alienated by conflict. It is by no means obvious what reconci... READ MORE

Forgiveness: The Victim's Prerogative

Source: (2002) South African Journal of Philosophy. 21(1):97-111This article explores and offers a qualified defense of the claim that the entitlement to forgive a wrongdoer belongs to the victim of the wrong. A summary account of forgiveness is g... READ MORE

Constructing a report: Writing up the ‘truth.’

Source: (2000) In Truth v. justice: The morality of truth commissions, eds. Robert I. Rotberg and Dennis Thompson, 279-294. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.The writers of the Final Report of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Com... READ MORE