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Law and Atrocity: Settling Accounts in Rwanda.

Source: (2005) Ohio Northern University Law Review. 31: 41-74.Genocidal violence afflicted Rwanda in the spring and early summer of 1994 when extremist Hutus tried to eliminate Tutsis and moderate Hutus from the country. In trying to rebuild and r... READ MORE

Punishment, Postgenocide: From Guilt to Shame to Civis in Rwanda

Source: (2000) New York Law Review. 75:1221Following the 1994 Rwandan genocide, national and international trials set out to encourage national reconciliation, promote peace, punish perpetrators, foster a culture of human rights, and effective jus... READ MORE

Sclerosis: Retributive Justice and the Rwandan Genocide

Source: Punishment and Society 2(3): 287-308In the 1994 Rwandan genocide 800,000 people were massacred. The victims were overwhelmingly of the minority Tutsi ethnic group and the aggressors of the majority Hutu group. At present, 125,000 Hutu p... READ MORE