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Feminist praxis: Making family group conferencing work.

Source: (2002) In Restorative justice and family violence, ed. Heather Strang and John Braithwaite, 108-127. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.Pennell and Burford state that family group conferencing can stop family violence and child maltreat... READ MORE

Family Group Decision Making: Protecting Children and Women

Source: (2000) Child Welfare Vol 79(2):131-158.With rising demands on child welfare, workers need to consider new options, including strategies that promote a collaborative effort of family, community, and government. Family group conferencing in... READ MORE

Family Group Decision Making Project: Implementation Report Summary.

Source: (1995) St. John's, CAN: Family Group Decision Making Project, School of Social Work, Memorial University of NewfoundlandReports on the first year of implementation of Family Group Decision Making Project in three sites in Labrador and Newf... READ MORE

"Attending to Context: Family Group Decision Making in Canada."

Source: (1996) In: J. Hudson, A. Morris, G. Maxwell, and B. Galaway (eds.), Family Group Conferences: Perspectives on Policy and Practice. Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press, pp. 206-220.This paper reports preliminary findings from the Family Grou... READ MORE

"Widening the Circle: Family Group Decision Making."

Source: (1994) Journal of Child and Youth Care 9(1):1-11.The authors describe the philosophy and practice issues involved in the family group decision-making model aimed at stopping family violence. This model is being tested in a federally funded... READ MORE

Family Group Decision Making: New Roles for 'Old' Partners in Resolving Family Violence. Implementation report (Vol. 1).

Source: (1995) St. John's, CAN: Family Group Decision Making Project, School of Social Work. Memorial University of Newfoundland.This research report presents the initial findings from the Family Group Decision Making project in Newfoundland, Labr... READ MORE