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Restorative justice responses to sexual assault.

Source: (2008) Applied Research Forum. Harrisburg,PA: National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women.A large international literature promotes restorative justice options as satisfying and empowering to crime victims. This paper exami... READ MORE

Will Restorative Justice Live up to Its Promise to Victims?

Source: (2004) In, Howard Zehr and Barb Toews, eds., Critical Issues in Restorative Justice. Monsey, New York and Cullompton, Devon, UK: Criminal Justice Press and Willan Publishing. Pp. 65-73.Several years ago Mary Achilles collaborated with How... READ MORE

Taking Victims and Their Advocates Seriously: A Listening Project

Source: Harrisonburg,VA: Institute for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University.This report details the activities and outcomes of the Listening Project, a collaboration of professionals active in the victim community and the fiel... READ MORE

OVA mediation program for victims of violent crime

Source: (2000) OVA Newsletter 4 (October): 1-5.This issue of the newsletter of the Office of the Victim Advocate (Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, Harrisburg, PA) provides an overview of that office’s program for mediation between vic... READ MORE

Apologies: Balancing the needs of victims and offenders

Source: (1999) VOMA Connections no. 3 (Summer): 6, 10.In recent years restorative justice thought and practice have put more emphasis on having offenders apologize to their victims. Acknowledging that apologizing is good, the authors yet stipulate... READ MORE