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On Legitimacy Theory and the Effectiveness of Truth Commissions

Source: (2009) Law and Contemporary Problems. 72(2):123-141.But are truth commissions effective? Of course, the first part of the answer to this question requires an answer to an earlier query: Effective at what? Can a truth commission create a d... READ MORE

"The Truth About Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa"

Source: (2005) International Political Science Review. 26(4): 341-361South Africa’s truth and reconciliation process is perhaps the best-known example of an institutionalized attempt to build a more democratic future by confronting human right... READ MORE

Does Truth Lead to Reconciliation? Testing the Causal Assumptions of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Process.

Source: (2001) Prepared for delivery at the 2001 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Hilton San Francisco and Towers, August 30 - September 2, 2001. Copyright by the American Political Science Association. Institute for J... READ MORE

Truth, justice, and reconciliation: Judging amnesty in South Africa.

Source: (2001) Revision of paper presented at the Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting. Chicago, April 19-21. St. Louis, MO: Washington University.Societies in transition from older repressive regimes to newer more democratic syste... READ MORE