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The reform of sentencing and the future of the criminal courts.

Source: (2004) In Peter Sedgwick, ed., Rethinking sentencing: a contribution to the debate. A report from the Mission and Public Affairs Council. London: Church House Publishing. Pp. 1-17. Downloaded 16 September 2005.The first account in Western... READ MORE

Thoughts for a new parliament

Source: (2001) The Howard League Magazine 19 (November): 13.David Faulkner, chair of the Howard League, reflects in this article on changes taking place in the criminal justice system and in public services in England. In both these spheres, state... READ MORE

Crime, Citizenship and Community

Source: (2003) Relational Justice Bulletin. 18:6-8. Relationships Foundation. Downloaded 30 March 2004.David Faulkner here explores the ideas of citizenship, social capital and community, and personal and social responsibility. These ideas have be... READ MORE

Taking Citizenship Seriously: Social Capital and Criminal Justice in a Changing World

Source: (2003) A paper given at the London School of Economics on Thursday, 12 June 2003. Oxford: Centre for Criminological Research and Probation Studies Unit, University of Oxford. Downloaded 17 September 2003.This paper explores the ideas of ci... READ MORE

Turning Prisons Inside-Out.

Source: (2002) Relational Justice Bulletin. November (16): 1-3. Downloaded 15 May 2003.Citing insightful remarks on community and the interconnectedness of humankind from several sources, David Faulkner comments that these ideas are beginning to i... READ MORE

The City on a Hill

Source: (2000) Relational Justice Bulletin. October (8): 6-7. Downloaded 15 May 2003.In this essay David Faulkner considers the choices facing public servants as they try to create communities of justice. Toward this end, he looks at the current s... READ MORE

A Most Unquiet Revolution?

Source: (2001) Relational Justice Bulletin. April (10): 1-3. Downloaded 15 May 2003.In this article, David Faulkner addresses what some see as the beginning of a significant transformation in England in the relationship between the state and volun... READ MORE

Crime, Citizenship and Public Service

Source: (1999) In , Community Safety, Citizenship and Social Inclusion. Chilton, Buckinghamshire, UK: Thames Valley Partnership. Pp. 31-43. Downloaded 29 January 2004.An expert in criminology, David Faulkner reflects on crime, citizenship, and pub... READ MORE

Coping With Conflict

Source: (2002) A talk given to the Oxford Diocesan Confention on 12 July. University of Oxford Centre for Criminological Research and Probation Unit. Downloaded 15 April 2003.In this talk before the Oxford Diocesan Convention, David Faulkner discu... READ MORE