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Moving toward community justice

Source: (1996) In Community justice: Striving for safe, secure, and just communities, ed. LIS, Inc., 1-7. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections.In this article, Barajas maintains that a revolution is occurri... READ MORE

Topics in Community Corrections: Annual Issue 1995

Source: (1995) Longmont, CO: U.S. National Institute of Corrections Information Center, 47p.This compilation of articles deals with concepts of community justice and specifically discusses community policing, restorative justice, probation, risk a... READ MORE

Moving Toward Community Justice

Source: Deschutes County, Oregon.A revolution is occurring in criminal justice. Many theories regarding crime and criminal behavior have been advanced throughout the history of criminal justice. The criminal justice system has in turn developed an... READ MORE

Speak Out! - Community Justice: Bad Ways of Promoting a Good Idea

Source: Deschutes County, Oregon."Community justice" is a philosophy encompassing different emerging concepts of criminal justice that share common ideals and principles. These include restorative justice, victim services and community policing pr... READ MORE