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Values and Principles of Restorative Justice in Criminal Matters

Source: (2003) Government of Canada. Downloaded 28 April 2004.Justice Canada presents the Statement in order to further dialogue on the development of a national consensus on fundamental values and principles and a consistent framework for the u... READ MORE

Restorative Justice Program Guidelines

Source: (2003) Government of Canada. Downloaded 28 April 2004.These Guidelines are intended to be aspirational and not prescriptive in nature. They are intended to set out Best Practices in restorative justice. They are intended to be applied in a... READ MORE

Analytical Literature Review of the Cost-Effectiveness of ADR

Source: (1994) Ottawa, CAN: Department of Justice, 57p.Empirical and nonempirical literature on the cost-effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is reviewed, with emphasis on measuring ADR's cost-effectiveness. Results revealed a lac... READ MORE