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Citizen Assessment of Local Criminal Courts: Does Fairness Matter?

Source: (2007) Journal of Criminal Justice. 35(5):524-536.This study examined the sources of public satisfaction with how courts handle criminal cases. The findings indicate that programs and initiatives to increase citizen participation and input... READ MORE

Virtuous Prison: Toward a Restorative Rehabilitation.

Source: (2001) In, Henry N. Pontell and David Shichor, eds., Contemporary Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice: Essays in Honor of Gilbert Geis. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall Publishing. Pp. 265-286.The fundamental goal of the "virtuous priso... READ MORE

Is Child Saving Dead? Public Support for Juvenile Rehabilitation

Source: (2000) Crime & Delinquency 46(1): 38-60.In recent years, the sustained criticism leveled at juvenile rehabilitation has raised the question of whether the public continues to endorse the correctional policy of saving youthful offenders. H... READ MORE

Public opinion about punishment and corrections

Source: (2000) Crime and Justice: A Review of Research, vol. 27, edited by Michael Tonry, Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press: pp. 1-79.The public clearly accepts, if not prefers, a range of punitive policies, such as capital punishment, thre... READ MORE

Reconsidering Restorative Justice: The Corruption of Benevolence Revisited?

Source: (1999) Crime and Delinquency 45 (January): 3-27. Reprinted in Restorative Justice. Declan Roche (2003), ed. Pp. 111-135. The International Library of Essays in Law & Legal Theory, Second Series. Aldershot, Hants, England: Dartmouth/Ashgate... READ MORE