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Restorative Justice and Practices in China.

Source: (2011) Journal of Community Justice. 8(3): 23-35.Restorative justice is developing robustly within the criminal justice system particularly in the field of juvenile justice. With the efforts devoted to policy development and intervention p... READ MORE

School Bullying and Tackling Strategies

Source: (2005) Sham Shui Po, Kowloon Hong Kong:Centre for Restoration of Human RelationshipsA team has been formed at the City University of Hong Kong to conduct research on bullying and to identify the best strategies for beating bullying since 2... READ MORE

School Bullying Among Hong Kong Chinese Primary Schoolchildren.

Source: (2008) Youth and Society. 40(1):35-54.The first comprehensive survey of 7,025 Chinese primary schoolchildren found that 24% of respondents reported that they had sometimes physically bullied another child. When children observed school b... READ MORE