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Thirsting for a Restorative Justice Rather than Execution.

Source: (-0001) Paper, www.restorativejustice.com. Downloaded 14 November 2005.We as American Catholics were called upon on Good Friday to not only oppose the death penalty but to rebuff a justice system based on expediency and efficiency in favo... READ MORE

Creating a Culture of Care in an Elementary School: Lessons Learned from the Children.

Source: (2003) Paper presented at the NNER Annual Conference, October 9-11, Salt Lake City, Utah. Downloaded 1 November 2005.An alternative to these efforts is focused on alternative “positive peace” efforts. Specifically, I am interested in h... READ MORE

Assault on a Safeway Manager: A Restorative Justice Adult Felony Case Study

Source: (1998) Fort Collins CO: Restorative Justice Inc. 17 october 2002 www.restorativejustice.com/Dosc/Casestudybrown.docThis case study looks at the use of restorative justice conferencing in an adult felony case. To date the primary focus of t... READ MORE

The Paintball Case: A Restorative Justice Case Study

Source: (1998) Fort Collins,CO: Restorative Justice, Inc. 17 October 2002.http://www.restorativejustice.com/Docs/CaseStudyPaintball.doc“The Paintball Caseâ€? is a case study, similar to those used to teach people about the law or management... READ MORE