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Hearing the Victim: Adversarial Justice, Crime Victims and the State.

Source: (2010) Portland and Devon: Willan PublishingIn recent years, more attention has been paid to victims of crime, both in terms of awareness of the effect of crime upon their lives, and in changes that have been made to the criminal justice s... READ MORE

Public Attitudes to Sentencing in Canada: Exploring Recent Findings.

Source: (2007) Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice.(January):75-107.This article reports findings from two representative public-opinion surveys that explored Canadians' attitudes toward three important sentencing issues: the seve... READ MORE

Sentencing Young Offenders: Public Opinion in England and Wales

Source: (2005) Criminal Justice. 5(3):211--232.This article presents findings from a national, representative survey of public attitudes toward juvenile crime and juvenile justice in England and Wales, with attention to attitudes toward the senten... READ MORE

Restorative Sentencing: Exploring the Views of the Public.

Source: (2004) Social Justice Research. 17(3):315-334.Within the past decade, restorative justice has emerged as a truly global phenomenon. Although retributive justice has dominated the penal landscape, more recently, restorative principles at ... READ MORE

Victim Impact Statements at Sentencing: Perceptions of the Judiciary in Canada

Source: (2002) Le Journal International De Victimologie. 1(4). Online document downloaded 11 December 2003.The use of victim impact statements (VIS) at sentencing continues to generate controversy, even in countries such as Canada, where VIS have ... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice: Competing or Reconcilable Paradigms?

Source: (2003) Oxford and Portland, Orgeon: Hart Publishing.This book consists of a collection of essays by various authors, the essays stemming from presentations at two seminars – one at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, in October 2000, and the... READ MORE