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Criminal Justice and Restorative Justice Theory, Law and Practice.

Source: (2013) Hart Pub.This book offers a comprehensive analysis of how mediation and restorative practice have developed in theory and how the theory can be related to the most recent international experiences of what works and how it works.(Dis... READ MORE

Victims' Rights in Criminal Trials: Prospects for Participation

Source: (2005) Journal of Law and Society. 32(2):294-316.This paper examines the victim's standing in a criminal trial in Great Britain against the backdrop of recent policy changes; arguments for a more radical course of reform are examined. Unde... READ MORE

Interim Evaluation of the Northern Ireland Youth Conferencing Scheme

Source: (2004) Research and Statistical Bulletin 1/2005. Belfast: Northern Ireland Office, Statistics and Research Branch. Downloaded 7 March 2005.This bulletin presents the interim findings of an evaluation of the recently introduced Northern Ire... READ MORE