Source: (2005) Saint Paul, Minnesota: Minnesota Department of Corrections. Downloaded 21 October 2005.

Restorative justice is a new framework for the criminal justice system that is rapidly gaining acceptance and support by criminal justice professionals and community groups in Minnesota and across the nation. The Minnesota Department of Corrections advocates adoption of restorative justice principles and has established a department unit that supports implementation of restorative justice concepts throughout the state. This statewide effort involves all aspects of the community including schools, churches, courts, corrections and law enforcement agencies, and citizens. The restorative justice initiative provides education about the philosophical framework of restorative justice to engage the interest and enthusiasm of key stakeholders. Upon request from agencies or jurisdictions interested in moving toward a more restorative system, the initiative provides technical assistance in designing and implementing applications of restorative justice. The initiative also creates networks of professionals and community activists to support one another and share accumulating knowledge regarding new practices. (exceprt)

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