The Prime Minister said that even as his administration steadfastly confronts the big issues with regard to crime and its causes, “we will also increasingly address other mindsets and behaviour of which criminal ideas and enterprise often take advantage, and in which they feel at home”.

Ingraham said every citizen has a moral obligation and a civic duty to ensure that “we are not adding to a culture of lawlessness in which the violent criminal is encouraged.

“It is justice that is supposed to be blind and steadfast, not the citizens of a country turning a blind eye, winking and nodding at criminal behaviour.  Most seriously, this applies to those who by omission or commission or clever evasion aid and abet serious criminals.”

The Prime Minister said that violent is having a drastic effect on the entire country and the government would respond with every means necessary “through economic empowerment and social policy, through micro-initiatives such as character education and community service, and through proven alternative sentencing and restorative justice programmes”.

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