Source: (1999) Kaleidoscope of Justice: Highlighting Restorative Juvenile Justice. 1(2): 6. Fort Lauderdale, FL: Balanced and Restorative Justice Project, Florida Atlantic University. Downloaded 21 January 2005.

This article consists of an announcement by the Balanced and Restorative Justice Project (BARJ) of a particular initiative to begin in 2000. As indicated at the outset, through a national study on restorative justice policy development and implementation, the BARJ Project gather a significant amount of information about states that have formally adopted BARJ language into their mission and policies with respect to state juvenile codes. In response the BARJ Project plans to launch a Special Emphasis States Initiative. The aim is to work with leaders in target states (identified in the article) to foster and strengthen restorative juvenile justice efforts in those states.

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