Source: (2001) Kaleidoscope of Justice: Highlighting Restorative Juvenile Justice. 3(1): 4-6. Fort Lauderdale, FL: Balanced and Restorative Justice Project, Florida Atlantic University. Downloaded 21 January 2005.

As such, dialogue about program model types and the scope of restorative conferencing program models for youth has been limited. Over the past two years, Dr. Gordon Bazemore and I have been conducting research designed to determine the prevalence, scope and “restorativenessâ€? of conferencing programs for youth around the United States in order to better understand “what’s really going onâ€? with respect to restorative conferencing for youth. We use a broad definition of conferencing, which includes any face-to-face meeting in which those most affected by a specific crime come together in a direct dialogue to discuss how to repair the harm caused by an offense. Such a conference or dialogue typically follows an adjudication of guilt and/or an admission of responsibility by one or more offenders, and seeks a resolution that meets the mutual needs of victim, offender and community. The following article is intended to provide a sense of the scope of the research as well as present some preliminary findings. (excerpt)

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