The book ends with an appendix titled Ten Practical Things You Can Do for the Reparations Struggle, which I will simplify here:

  1. Read about the history of the reparations struggle
  2. Join an organization that supports reparations
  3. Ask all politicians running for office if they support reparations for the transatlantic slave trade
  4. Organize a study group in your community on reparation
  5. Keep up with current developments in the reparations struggle
  6. Lobby for local "slavery disclosure resolutions" that will aid in the development of lawsuits against governments and corporations that profited from the transatlantic slave trade
  7. Understand the international dimensions of the reparations struggle (which is not confined to the USA)
  8. Have viewing parties of films that document the current exploitation of Africans in the world (films such as Life and Debt and Darwin's Nightmare)
  9. Immediately write a rebutal to any article that opposes reparations
  10. Tell others about those nine

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