Mukoko’s story broke out in news media around the world when state officials bundled her out from her house in December last year, blind folded her and took her to a secret location where she was interrogated and accused of being a political detractor amongst other trumped up charges.

Whilst there she endured days of systematic torture before being moved to Chikurubi, Zimbabwe’s maximum securities prison.

Mukoko was then absolved of any of the charges by a Supreme Court ruling that proved the State had violated her human rights....

Highlighting that she will not give up in the fight for justice and peace, Mukoko went on to share a story of a 2-year-old boy she met at Chikurubi maximum-security prison.

“Him and his mother were shackled in cast iron, yes a 2-year-old child was shackled. When he first met me he did not get my name so he called me princess. That boy gave hope to all of us in that prison cell.”

“Everyday we woke up he would say lets sing that song again- we have been given another chance to Serve Him and live for Him. It made me to value life and be thankful for the opportunities that God gives”

However, given all the torturing and harrowing experiences Mukoko still insisted that she would never take a retribution stance.

“I have been brought up as a Christian and I don’t believe in revenge or retributive justice. I believe in forgiveness yes but more importantly in restorative justice where we deal with the issues in a way that is progressive.”

“The national healing platform and the current constitutional process are very key processes to ensure that there is restorative justice. Every time I was in prison I prayed to God and said You know what I have said and what I have not said, lord is my judge. I think the outcome was nothing less than a miracle.”

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