Source: (2000) Presented to the Beyond Bullying Association’s “Responding to Professional Abuse” Conference St John’s College, University of Queensland, Brisbane July 1999 and again to the Anzela Conference Adelaide, 2000.

More and more organisations have policies and procedures to deal with difficult situations such as workplace bullying. While they may appear to be procedurally fair, rarely are they able to deal effectively with the emotional impact of the harmful behaviour and its aftermath. The Workplace Conference is a process designed to bring together those most affected by this destructive behaviour to come to some agreement about how to repair the harm and how to go forward. This innovative approach to transforming conflict has its origins in the justice system as a means for dealing more effectively with offending behaviour and its impact on victims. It has been used more recently, and with great success, across a wide range of industries, government and non-government sectors, and large and small businesses. This paper will examine the philosophy, practice and theory of this extremely effective process. (excerpt)