Source: (2005) Monograph no. 111. Pretoria, South Africa: Institute for Security Studies, with the Restorative Justice Centre. Downloaded 8 August 2005.

In this monograph, authors/editors Triggy Maepa and Mike Batley recognize the high incidence of crime in South Africa and the futility of tougher law enforcement and sentencing that the government has endorsed. Maepa and Batley note that the current justice system in South Africa fails to address important requirements for the delivery of justice, namely considering the needs of the victims, helping offenders take responsibility, and nurturing moral values throughout the community. This collection of articles suggests implementing restorative justice as a means of meeting these requirements. The first part of this collection of articles explains the central principles of restorative justice, and examines how these principles can help achieve the requirements of justice in South Africa. Part 2 of the collection examines the various programs in South Africa implementing restorative justice principles. Finally, Part 3 provides some guidance as to the continuance of these programs and the further implementation of restorative justice principles throughout the South African justice system. Abstract courtesy of the Marquette Law School Restorative Justice Initiative,