Source: (2003) Restorative Justice Online. April 2003 Edition.

Restorative justice is not a cut-and-dried system, as Dan Van Ness points out. It is a range of responses to harmful behaviour: the more of them a country adopts, the more restorative it is. Similarly this book contains a spectrum of viewpoints, from advocates of Restorative Justice, (John Braithwaite, Lode Walgrave, Mara Schiff), to academic researchers who find that their data support it (Allison Morris and Gabrielle Maxwell), to candid friends who point out the difficulties it needs to face (Kathleen Daly), to those who have not xe2x80x98changed their lensesxe2x80x99 and try to square it with conventional criminal justice values (Andrew von Hirsch and co-authors, Antony Duff).

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