Source: (2013) Journal of Youth and Adolescence. 42(1):154-156.

In Child Victims and Restorative Justice: A Needs-Rights Model, Tali Gal aims to create a model for children’s rights in the legal system. Gal presents models that center on child victims’ rehabilitation and protection in a way that reveals the immense complexities of legal issues, psychological considerations, shortcomings of the criminal justice system, and even the limitations of restoration itself. Gal examines the models and works to establish a human rights discourse to use for children’s rights in the legal system, considering the rights of both child victims and child offenders. Gal’s main goal is to create a needs-rights model that will aid child victims throughout court process and continue through rehabilitation. The book is organized by examining children’s rights, child victims’ needs, child victims in the criminal justice system, restorative justice for child victims, and child-inclusive restorative justice. Gal also works to provide a framework for effective restorative justice by looking at successful experiences from different countries. (excerrpt)