It was agreed that the boys would carry out some work at the school as recompense for their actions.

They apologised to the Head Teacher of the school and set about carrying out chores on the school grounds over two days during the half-term holidays.

These included digging over and fertilizing the vegetable patch, cleaning drains, picking up litter and sweeping up leaves.

They were supervised by the local Pyle and Cornelly PCSOs who made sure that all the work was carried out properly and that the boys took their responsibilities seriously.

Head Teacher Amanda Stanford said “I was very pleased with the work the boys did over the half term and I feel ‘restorative justice’ is a good approach to use with young offenders.

“This is the second time that we as a school have chosen this route and we hope that we are continuing to ‘educate’ these youths to make the right choices in life and helping them to make the best of themselves”.

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