Source: (2000) Kaleidoscope of Justice: Highlighting Restorative Juvenile Justice. 1(3): 7. Fort Lauderdale, FL: Balanced and Restorative Justice Project, Florida Atlantic University. Downloaded 21 January 2005.

As described in this article, the juvenile justice system in Deschutes County, Oregon, is taking the term “building communityâ€? literally. Specifically, the Deschutes County Department of Community Justice has entered into a partnership with Habitat for Humanity and private sector donors. The partnership offers juvenile offenders the opportunity to construct Habitat for Humanity homes from the ground up. That is, young offenders are trained in basic carpentry skills, as well as given an education in the plight of America’s homeless. They then team up with community volunteers to build homes – all under the guidance of skilled supervisors who are Community Justice Officers. The article provides an overview of the program and its benefits to juvenile offenders and people in need of housing.

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