It recognizes that survivors of violent assaults have needs that are not met by the punishment of perpetrators alone, however important and essential such punishment is both as a matter of morality and justice and as a potential deterrent against future crimes.

Unfortunately, the type of ad hoc fund that has been created to support the survivors of the marathon attacks and bereaved families cannot be and is not created for every individual who experiences a similarly catastrophic attack....

Across America there are tens of thousands of individuals who have survived harrowing attacks - different in their exact nature and context but sharing qualities of brutality, extreme suffering and loss, and in many cases trauma, both physical and psychological.

As a society we should ask ourselves what we can learn from our own response to the Boston marathon attacks and how we can grow these efforts and the values they actualize to reach more Americans who need support to rebuild their lives after criminal attacks.

It is never enough to punish the perpetrators of crime, we must always simultaneously reach out to assist their victims and stand with them in their times of greatest vulnerability and need so that they can draw strength from our solidarity, both practical and emotional.

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