Source: (2000) Prepared for the Probation Services Task Force, California Administrative Office of the Courts. Downloaded 18 May 2004.

The Judicial Council of California, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), contracted with Alan M. Schuman, Corrections Management Consultant, to describe the operations of six county probation departments. The counties were selected by the AOC and are Fresno, Glenn, Los Angeles, Placer, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz. Reports were prepared for each of these counties. The data in the reports will provide background information for the newly appointed Probation Services Task Force. The primary purpose of the task force is to assess programs, services, organizational structures, and funding related to probation services provided by counties to the courts, and to report its findings and recommendations to the Judicial Council, the Governor, and the Legislature. On-site interviews were held in the six selected counties. In preparation for the interviews, the consultant developed an 18-category set of questions. (excerpt)