A small group of folks are visiting Sioux Falls from Brookings over their Spring Break.  They have visited the prisons, the food ministries and shelters and many other ministries of social justice.  Some of us from Restore talked with them at lunch today about restorative justice and restorative practices.  “How can mere storytelling be so powerful?”

I believe we learn by doing.  Thursday evening we’re going to hold a teaching/learning circle.  What is justice?  What is vengeance? What is reconciliation?  How are we connected to them?  How are we connected through them?

We are inviting all who are interested in learning how circles work, who want to honestly and fearlessly explore a difficult yet personal subject to join us.  Although it is short notice, we decided that it is much better to learn by doing than learn by risking nothing.

Read the whole entry which includes date, time and address of the training (for those near Sioux Falls).