Source: (2007) In Gabrielle Maxwell and James H. Liu, ed., Restorative Justice and Practices in New Zealand: Towards a Restorative Society. Wellington, NZ: Institute of Policy Studies, Pp. 305-309.

"The rising imprisonment rates, the continual increases in prison security that make conditions less humane for inmates, and the many voices calling for longer sentences and reduced opportunities for reintegration are very much at odds with the reintegrative and restorative options envisaged here. So too are the calls for tougher responses to young people who behave badly in the education system. There is little doubt many people feel afraid and at risk in a world where terrorism is a major international concern and violence seems closer than it did in the past. At the same time, alternatives are being developed in New Zealand and around the world, and much of what is happening here has been ground breaking in offering new options. In this chapter we summarise the central issues that have emerged about the potential of restorative options." (Abstract)