Source: (2003) VOMA Connections no. 16 (Winter): 4-5. Downloaded 19 May 2004.

Using comments and experiences from people actually involved in drug courts and in restorative justice practices, Russ Immarigeon makes several points about the realities of introducing restorative justice approaches into drug courts. First, since drug courts come in many forms, it is vital to know the state of current practice in a particular jurisdiction before introducing restorative justice. Second, it may be strategic to adapt or strengthen in restorative justice ways some aspects of an existing drug court rather than to try to reinvent a whole new program. Third, restorative justice practitioners may be able to learn from drug court practices about what may be lacking in restorative justice models, especially with respect to treatment of drug problems. Fourth, implementing restorative justice is not simply a matter of having a good philosophy; it is a matter of the hard work of putting theory into practice.

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