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Does restorative justice work? An evaluation of the restorative justice programmes of Phoenix Zululand

Source: (2014) in, S. Maphosa, L. DeLuca, and A. Keasley, eds., Building peace from within. Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. PP. 74-84.This chapter provides a case study of a bottom-up restorative justice intervention aimed at encouragi... READ MORE

My restorative justice experience.

Source: (2010) Los Angeles Public Interest Law Journal. 3:161-164,The principles of Restorative Justice seem to make perfect sense; therefore, I have continued to work in areas that support these guidelines. Upon my release, in December 2008, I ... READ MORE

Reaching the invisible victim: Men's fraternity as restorative justice.

Source: (2011) International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. 1(17):1-10.This qualitative study was conducted to examine The Quest for Authentic Manhood: Men’s Fraternity through a restorative justice lens and to evaluate the program... READ MORE

Alternative sentence praised

from the article on stuff.co.nz: The hardline Sensible Sentencing Trust has come out in support of a judge's decision not to jail a drink-driver who killed a New Plymouth woman. Hogan Bolton, 31, of New Plymouth, was sentenced on July 4 to n... READ MORE

Face-to-face with crime

from the article on The Project: Suzanne Davey and her husband Nick were in the middle of a European holiday when they got the news that their Canberra home had been burgled, and their car stolen and trashed. “It had just been smashed - ev... READ MORE