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Justice reinvestment

The cost of jailing is about $27,000 per inmate per year. The cost of drug, behavioral and mental health treatment averages about $4,500 per year. About 20 percent of all Americans and almost two-thirds of inmates have some kind of mental health p... READ MORE

Restorative justice and the rebirth of Chicago

From the article by Robert Koehler on Huffington Post: This is the context in which restorative justice is emerging as a social force. This is not a government program. Elements of government are catching on and embracing RJ, but this is a social... READ MORE

Restorative justice more effective for serious crime

from the press release by Rethinking Crime and Punishment: ....“Restorative Justice conferencing is more effective in cases of serious crime, particularly cases of violence, than in cases of property theft, or minor incidents. Overall, restorat... READ MORE

Restorative justice gets boost with new spending

from the article on Radio New Zealand News: The Government is to spend more on restorative justice conferences: $4 million of new spending over two years has been earmarked in the Budget. The Government at present funds about 2000 restorative ju... READ MORE

Who will pay? Restorative justice in Texas

from the entry by Cyntia Alkon on ADR Prof Blog: I recently learned of a proposed bill that involves restorative justice, which has some interesting pieces to it. This bill, S.B. 1237 , expressly authorizes the state to refer criminal cases to a... READ MORE